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slider31Welcome to Richmond’s own Physiotherapy and Pelvic Floor Health clinic.  We are located across the street from the Richmond Hospital. Services are available in English and Korean.
We want to increase awareness of pelvic floor conditions and help people reduce and relieve the suffering due to such conditions.


We offer:

  • Professional and confidential advice/education regarding patients’ diagnosis;

  • Private, individual assessments to determine the best personalized treatment plan;

  • Individually customized plans for long-term care.

sliderpfPelvic floor muscles are a part of the skeletal muscles and can be trained with exercise.  Training the muscles appropriately is very important.

Some statistics say that 65 to 70% of people who learned pelvic floor exercises from friends, books or online, are not doing them appropriately.

It is important to do abdominal exercises appropriately. Pelvic floor pressure can be increased due to poor abdominal muscle training techniques. Pelvic floor pressure can be decreased with properly designed abdominal and back exercises.

Pelvic pain can be related to the inability to relax the pelvic floor muscles. A decrease in this tension can be learned using manual techniques as well as with the use of EMG biofeedback.