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Ji-Seon Kim

  • Registered Physiotherapist
  • BScPT
  • A member of women’s health, orthopaedic and pain science divisions of PABC (Physiotherapist Association of BC)
  • ISM (Integrated System’s Model) practitioner
  • Hypopressive technique practioner (Level II)

Originally from South Korea, Ji-Seon is a qualified physiotherapist in both Canada and Korea.  She has worked in Orthopaedic clinics in Seoul, Korea, but has always  been interested and passionate about pelvic floor care, both for women and men. 

Since beginning practice in Canada, she was able to find opportunities to study in this area.  Pat Lieblich and Penny Wilson, two of the pioneer pelvic floor physiotherapists from Women’s hospital, provide opportunites to physiotherapists, like Ji-Seon, who want to learn and practice under their leadership and guidance in women and men’s pelvic floor health. Ji-Seon has taken their courses and continued training with two other pelvic floor physiotherapists, Claudia Brown, M.J. Lord and Louise Parrin

Ji-Seon is enthusiastic about her work and loves to learn about the latest techniques in order to provide the optimal care for her patients 

Professional development has also included the Discover series from Diane Lee and L J Lee in 2013, which focuses on integrated systems model approaches.  Ongoing training is through the Canadian Physiotherapy Associations Orthopaedic division.   

Ji-Seon’s philosophy is that each client deserves the very best individualized care possible.